Automatic snapshot generation by meshlabserve

  • Petr Silhanek

    Petr Silhanek - 2009-10-24


    I need to handle a huge and growing archive of stl files and if I can
    automatically generate a preview when user add a new stl it will ease my work
    a lot.

    Is it possible to set meshlabserver to generate snapshots/previews??

    Please advice. If not possible - Do you know any other command line tool that
    can do that?

    Thank you,

    Petr Silhanek

  • Paolo Cignoni

    Paolo Cignoni - 2009-11-18

    Currently no. But there is a filter in the works (wrote by Gaetano Mancini a
    student of mine) that will generate automatically high quality renderings
    using aqsys and that will be perfect for such an use. If you are brave enough
    you can try to compile the developer version of meshlab and try the

  • Andrés Montañez

    Hi, any luck with that feature?
    I also need to generate image previews from STLs, and this feature would be


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-06-14

    Is this filter still available, I looked through source and couldn't find


  • mykrom

    mykrom - 2014-12-02

    Well, the filter_hqrender is in the source under /fgt (i think) but no idea how to apply in a script. Can not seem to find any docs on this at all.... any ideas anyone?

    • Allan Jabri

      Allan Jabri - 2015-07-27

      Has anyone successfully used filter_hqrender?



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