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mesh2hmap-0.3.2 released

- Fixed Makefiles to work with GCC 4.x
- Rewrote VRML parser so that it can handle DEF/USE keywords

Posted by hessint 2006-11-04

Examples on website

There haven't been any new releases for mesh2hmap lately because I've been busy using mesh2hmap...which is a good thing because that's what it's there for. I've put some examples up on the examples page. Currently there's just two examples and both are maps made for Legends: The Game, so you'll need to install the game to see the maps. Some screenshots and heightmaps are available on the examples page though.... read more

Posted by hessint 2006-05-23

mesh2hmap-0.3.1 released

- Fixed bug where you had to specify min, max and bg. They now
take on their default values if not specified.
- Quick fix for a numerical error in the heightmap equations where
near vertical polygons could produce very high or low heights.
Each height is now confined within the height range of its

Posted by hessint 2006-05-06

mesh2hmap-0.3 released

- Can now output colour gradient heightmaps
- Added functionality for setting the background
- Parser can now parse VRML2 again (broken in 0.2)
- Added `-v' and `--version' command line option

Posted by hessint 2006-04-19

mesh2hmap-0.2 released

2006-04-02 version 0.2
- Fixed background problem with non-rectangular heightmaps. Background
is now set equal to minimum value of heightmap
- Functionality for printing 'raw' heightmaps
- Added autoconf/automake scripts
- Split code into 4 files: main, parser, mesh2hmap, and output
- Parser for 'native' format now handles 3+ vertices per polygon
- Minor changes to MAN page

Posted by hessint 2006-04-02

mesh2hmap version 0.1.2 released

2006-03-28 version 0.1.2
- Improved VRML parsing algorithm - removed unnecessary nesting
- Fixed VRML parser bug - only worked when there was a single space
between label and '{' or '[' delimiter.
- Fixed VRML parser bug - was reading texture coordinates as vertices
- Wrote proper groff MAN page - mesh2hmap.1
- Fixed 'usage' message and added '-h' and '--help' switches.

Posted by hessint 2006-03-28

Website up

Project website is up and running at mesh2hmap.sf.net. Needs some screenshots, though.

Posted by hessint 2006-03-25

First Sourceforge release of 'mesh2hmap'

This is the first release of 'mesh2hmap' available on Sourceforge. 'mesh2hmap' converts 3D meshes to raster heightmaps. This tool allows you to create terrains in your favourite 3D modeller and then easily convert to a heightmap image.

Posted by hessint 2006-03-24