Dear mesa3d-users,

This is my first mail in this list as a new member of the mesa family. First of all sorry about the empty email i sent yesterday by mistake.

I have a really big problem and i hope my discussion with you will help me to solve it.

I have to do a project on a Platform that my universtity has already created.This platform is in software. In this platform i was asked to be able to run OpenGL applications.I didn't know anything about OpenGL and i went through NeHe tutorials and the red book of OPenGL and i think i understood enough things.

What the platform of my school is going to do is that after i port my game onto it the platform will complile it with gcc and give some results about how many steps are needed for this application, the execution time and stuff like that.

So, firstly i have to put  the mesa onto this platform and compile it. IS this possible to be done? Is the stand alone Mesa independent of Operating System? If it is not are there any functions of Mesa that are independent and i can use them for a
small application? I mean an openGL applicaiton which creates just a triangle for example.

The platform has no screen to see the rendering. I dont care about this. I care only about my Platform to compile the files i need for a small opengl application.

I hope you to help me or to suggest me sth.

Thanks you.

Ilias Kappa