It look's like you already got the answer in the other thread.
No, you cannot use glu tesselation multithreaded (in terms of running it in parallel),
I am not sure how you would be able to even try to use it multithreaded but the
error message tells most of it, you call gluEndSurface before you call
If it takes a lot of time to do the tesselation it is beacuse you have a huge
amount of triangles being created, you might want to try to change your
geometry to minimize the amount of triangles created.
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Subject: [Mesa3d-users] making tesselation/trimming faster

Hi all;

I am using glu to tesselate and trimm some nurbs surfaces. But the problrm is that it takes a lot of time to calculate data that will be rendred (vertices , normals). I am taking this data throw callbacks.
I' am trying to make this multithreaded but I have got this error : "Nurbs Error : gluEndSurface can not preceed gluBeginSurface". An opengl expert tell me that glu do not support multithreading.

Are there any solution to make it faster? Is the problem with callbacks?

Kind regards.

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