I will try that out later but I did get it all to compile once I made that change from __extension__ to LONGSTRING like you suggested. However I could not get make install to work possibly because of the SHELL= thing so I just manually copied the libraries and includes to where I wanted them to be installed to. The errors I was getting with make install were similar to those first errors I got when I tried to make, it appeared to be some sort of "sh" error. Thanks for your help and I will get back to you sometime next week on how the compilation goes with the SHELL= thing. Thanks!

From: Brian Paul [mailto:brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com]
Sent: Fri 12/15/2006 10:02 AM
To: Dobmeyer, Todd
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Subject: Re: [Mesa3d-users] Making Mesa on Solaris

Dobmeyer, Todd wrote:
> Thanks for the message to line 147. I changed the flag from -e to -h but
> this didn't fix it. I was still getting a "sh" error. So I added 2 lines
> to the top of my make file. The first line said "#!/bin/csh" and the 2nd
> line was just a blank line. Once I added this change in with the

This seems funny to me.  The #!/bin/csh convention is typically used
for shell scripts, but not Makefiles.

Typically, you specify make's shell by setting the SHELL variable.

Can you try putting the line:


somewhere in the configs/sunos5-v9 file?

Though, Mesa's makefiles use sh syntax so setting SHELL=/bin/sh would
seem to make the most sense.

Finally, you might try removing the first # line from the top-level
Makefile entirely in case sun's make is misinterpretting it.