Nowadays, we can easily and successfully legally run our own executables on the Nintendo Wii video game console, WITHOUT the need to open the console and modify the hardware.
 It is done using msys, g++, gcc, and many unix like opensource tools on Linux or Win32.
 Many 2D libs and games have been coded.
 Very few 3d games has been released because of the lack of a 3D library.
 The Wii has a personnal 3D API that looks like openGL.
 Using the MESA implementation example, we have already implemented, compiled, linked and tested few openGL instructions.
Here is a screenshot :

 There are still many openGL functions that has not been implemented and that are needed to port usual 3D engine like Ogre, Irrlicht,...
 I could offer some Wii tools (USB-Ethernet, USB Gecko, USB V-Box ) to any coder that would help.
 Contact :

Here are the functions ALREADY implemented in successfully tested:
glLoadIdentity, glTranslatef, glRotatef, glScalef, glPopMatrix, glPopMatrix, glPushMatrix, glVertex3f, glNormal3f, glColor3f, glTexCoord2f, glBegin, glEnd,  glLightModelfv, glLightf, glLightfv, glMaterialf, glMaterialfv, glGenTextures, glBindTexture, glTexImage2D, glClear, glClearColor, glClearDepth, glFlush, glEnable, glDisable, glDepthFunc, glFrontFace,

Here the functions to implement :
glFogf, glFogi, glFogfv, glFogiv, glGetString, glDrawArrays, glDrawBuffer, glReadBuffer, glReadPixels, glBlendFunc, glPolygonOffset, glPopAttrib, glFinish,
glIsEnabled, glDeleteTextures, glGetError, glTexImage1D, glGetIntegerv, glStencilFunc, glStencilMask, glStencilOp, glClearStencil, glColorMask, glDepthMask, glClipPlane, glLoadMatrixd, glLoadMatrixf, glShadeModel, glLightModelf, glLightModeli, glLightModeliv, glDrawElements, glTexCoordPointer, glColor4f, glMatrixMode, glColorPointer, glViewport, glAlphaFunc, glColorMaterial, glPointSize, glCullFace, glPolygonMode, glScissor, glGetFloatv, glMultMatrixd, glMultMatrixf, glPixelStoref, glPixelStorei, glPushAttrib, glGetTexLevelParameterfv, glGetTexLevelParameteriv, glGetTexImage, , glGetTexParameterfv, glGetTexParameteriv, glTexParameterf, glTexParameteri, glTexParameterfv, glTexParameteriv, glTexGend, glTexGenf, glTexGeni, glTexGenfv, glTexEnvf, glTexEnvi, glTexEnvfv, glTexEnviv, glTexCoord3d, glTexCoord3f, glTexCoord3i, glTexCoord3s, glTexSubImage1D, glTexSubImage2D, glCopyTexSubImage1D, glCopyTexSubImage2D, glVertex2d, glVertex2f, glVertex2i, glVertex2s, glNormalPointer, glVertexPointer, glEnableClientState, glDisableClientState