Bohdan Vlasyuk wrote:
On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 09:18:59AM -0600, Michael G. Martin wrote:

I've just got latest Mesa from sourceforge, and compiled/installed it.
I have NVidia Riva TNT 2 with 32M of memory, gaining 40 fps in Q3 on
Windoze. I've just installed XFree86-4.0.3 , and set up drivers for my
video card -- that's my first attepmt to get acceleration woring on
Linux. However, it works fairly bad. For example, demos/tunnel runs
on about 2-4 fps... It's quite sad.

Could anyone help me what I'm doing wrong, or what software I'd
better update ??

P.s.: I have 196M RAM and Celeron 300 overclocked to 375.
Make sure you install the nvidia drivers for linux/Xfree86.  Details and 
tarballs/rpms on their website.
Yes, I've installed it, and I have nice NVidia logo when X is starting,
but I don't have nice perfomance..

BTW: It didn't changed a bit when I've tried to use XFree86 drivers. It
stays just same... :-((.

Check to make sure you are not pulling in the Mesa libGL.  NVIDIA_GLX should install their libGL.  Remove or rename any other occurences on your system. (do an ldd to see where your opengl program is linking in the libraries from and/or do an ldconfig -p to find any libGL libraries).  /usr/lib is where nvidia installes their GL libraries.

The makefile for  NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-1251 removes occurences in /usr/lib but not in /usr/local or possibly other areas.

Make sure all the entries are correct in your XF86Config file as per the nvidia install file:

Device section and replace the line:

        Driver "nv" 


        Driver "nvidia"  

In the Module section, make sure you have:

        Load   "glx"

You should also remove the following lines:
        Load  "dri"
        Load  "GLcore"

Interesting, my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 has:

        Load  "dbe"             # Double-buffering
        Load  "GLcore"          # OpenGL support
        Load  "dri"             # Direct rendering infrastructure
        Load  "glx"             # OpenGL X protocol interface
        Load  "extmod"          # Misc. required extensions
        Load  "v4l"             # Video4Linux

and my tnt2 works fine.

I used the tar files, not rpms.  Removed my Mesa GL library and symlinks from /usr/local/lib.  Updated the XF86Config files (just changed nv to nvidia).  Ran make install under  NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-1251 and ran make install under NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-1251.  I can't think of anything else I needed to do.  Hope that all helps.