On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 10:37 AM, sdc395 <mesa3d-users-sic@delcam.com> wrote:

Karl Schultz-2 wrote:
> I believe that the project dependencies are already in place.  Brian, this
> was what the mesa.sln update was about that I sent you this week.  It was
> missing ONE dependency.
> Perhaps "sdc395" can explain what is missing?
> Karl
My apologies.  I think I assumed some of my linking problems were down to
build dependencies/order which was not defined in the 7.0.3 solution file.
I should have checked.  RC1 is fine.  Sorry.

However, I did need to add prog_uniform.c and prog_uniform.h to the mesa
project file before gdi would build correctly.

Project files frequently get out of date as files are added.

Brian, I'm building the RC later today, and I'll send you the updated project file, unless you've done it already.

With regard to making contributions; I meant to ask how I go about
submitting contributions rather than how to configure project dependencies.

I think start with mesa3d.org.  You also need to apply at freedesktop.org for an account and I think that full instructions are there.  Git is used for the repository and was at one time hard to use from Windows.  I used to submit changes myself until the switch to git.  Recently I've sent whatever few changes I had to Brian.  But I think that the situation with git and Windows has gotten better and I'll look into again if I ever intend to update more than a few files.

By the way, should I be posting these sorts of questions to mesa3d-dev or is
this the right place?

I would guess talk about RC's on both, and "how to contribute" more on dev.