I'm just learning mesa-6.4, using gcc-, on scientific linux(rh enterprise 4).

I've followed the installation instructions, and verified that the headers and library files are install in /usr/local/include/GL and /usr/local/lib.
When I try to compile the hello.c example program or  the demo program rain.cxx, I get compiler errors about undefined references to gl/glu/glut commands used in the program.  If I vary the #include <GL/gl.h> statement to #include <gl.h>, I get an error that gl.h wasn't found, which seems to indicate that the gl, glu, and glut header files were found when I used the <GL/gl.h> format.  I get the same errors when I use the full path name in the include statements.
The problem seems similar to needing the "using namespace std " statement to access the <stdlib> or <iostream> header files.

Is there a namespace I should be using, or do these errors mean that mesa3d isn't properly installed?

any ideas would be appreciated,

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