Hey everyone I have been trying to figure out how to get Mesa to compile under Win98, but have not been able to.  Eero Pajarre has been trying to help me, but things are still not working.  I am using ver. 3.2.1, have the 2.4 version of the Glide SDK for my VoodooII card, and am trying to compile it with Visual Studio 5 sp3.  I also have the DirectX SDK ver 6.1 installed if I must use that.  I would prefer to use glide because it seems to be faster and would allow me to upgrade DirectX back to 7.0.  I am running this all on a K6-2 3dnow processor, running at 366mhz with 64megs of ram to work with.  Has anyone successfully done this and would be willing to send me a detailed walk through?  If necessary it would ne be a problem for me to edit the code by hand if some gave me detailed enough instructions.
Thank you in advance