It's pretty easy to port to anything you want, just drop any keyboard callback handler and call the glut callbacks (resize and display) from your own code, then you can use anything you want, there are just a few glut calls to deal with, but I guess there is gluPerspective call so you have to replace that if you can't live with glu either.
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From: Ilias Karakyritsis
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 10:31 AM
Subject: [Mesa3d-users] special version gears.c with OSMESA

Is it possible to to port  the gears.c demo to OSMesa so that it doesn't
require any keyboard input etc?
I would like a version of gears.c which doesn't include any glu or glut calls. I don't care if i lose functionality and so i can not change the view of displaying or stuff like that.
i just i want to have a version of gears.c which will show the movement of the gears for some time and to store this movement in the buffer.
Is it possible to be done this one? Can you please help me or suggest me something?

Ilias Kappa

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