Hi !
The first problem may or may not be a bug in Mesa, a variable "span" is being used without having been initialized, this may not be a bug, it depends a little on the code, it is the boundschecking code in VC that makes the crash not the code itself (Microsoft has had a few nasty bugs in their boundschecking code in that past, is it VC 7.0 or 7.1 ?).
The second problem is weird, it happens when you declare a function with incorrect calling convention, but most of the time it cannot happen because different calling conventions usually have different name mangling, I don't have a clue to what the problem is, but some function prefix __declspec may be missing or something like that.
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Subject: [Mesa3d-users] Mesa dlls in Windows XP, compiled with VC.NET

Hi all,
I've compiled the Mesa 6.0 library with VC.NET. Both the libraries and demos compiled successfully (the configuration is 'Active (Debug)'), although with a bit warning (I think it doesn't matter anyway, does it?). 
And then I tried to run the demo programs. Most of them run successfully, with a few exceptions: I've got error from the 'fire.exe' demo, and the 'isosurf.exe' demo. I captured the error messages, and you can view them in the following links:
(from fire.exe)
I just run the exe program and got this message.
(from isosurf.exe)
For this case, the program could be executed. The error dialog comes out when I choose 'glArrayElement' in the pop up menu.
All I've done to compile the library is open the .dsw file by VC.NET, and choose 'Build Solution' to build all of them. Is there any steps that I've missed, or should I tweak any settings in the compiler?  For your reference, I've put the build log on
One more thing to mention is that I can never compile the library in Release mode. It always stops at 'image.c' without giving me any error messages... again, could anyone give me some hint on solving this?
Thanks in advance.