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merriment First Beta (v0.8)

The first beta version has been released. One of the primary additions is the modulizing of the file handling. The engine is no longer exclusive to images as a result, and can therefore be used to organize collections of images, movies, music, code, and other files. Other features in this version include a front page script that summarizes the newest pages from user selected page groups, code optimizations, and expanded options through the movement of many hard coded options into database entries.... read more

Posted by Terrence Wong 2003-08-19

v0.7 (last Alpha) released

The last alpha version of the Merriment Website Engine has been released. Please see the changelog for details. The upcoming beta versions will include bugfixes, code cleanup, input validation, and return value checking. Minor features may also be added. See the progress file for details.

Posted by Terrence Wong 2003-07-29

v0.6 released!

Version 0.6 alpha of the Merriment Website Engine Project has been released. The new version includes better navigation, better multi-user support, and some HTML cleanup. See the new and improved demo by following the "home page" link.

Posted by Terrence Wong 2003-07-22

First File!

The first true release of the Merriment Website Engine Project has been posted. Version 0.5 is alpha, which is still "works for me but probably not for you." I believe all of the necessary code and mysql commands are present but it isn't documented. The next version will hopefully contain cleaner code as well as reasonable documentation.

Posted by Terrence Wong 2003-07-13

First code!

The first code has been committed to CVS. It is still alpha, which by my definition is, "works for me, but probably not for you." Although this account is new, today's commit represents over 1.5 years of development and learning and is in its fourth major revision. It started as a basic Perl script to help generate thumbnails and basic webpages, and has exploded into an entire website engine.... read more

Posted by Terrence Wong 2003-07-08