Pedro Santelmo - 2007-11-07

Congrats for your wise adding of C to MenuetOS!
Would it be possible that you could add next a compiled perl language?

If you know Linux, perl, like bash or awk, are useful everyday tools. Powerful command can be done when you just need to do simple things. I used to program in assembly years ago, but with my collection of libraries I would have rather preferred to write a perl oneliner than to start some complex libraries to do simple tasks.

Perl is a very extended language and allows adding lots of canned solutions by just downloading them from CPAN for free. For me it would be a very powerful tool to carry with me everywhere.

Besides, who knows the speed that it could gain when run under such a solid OS? Imagine a 2 Gb memory stick working with menuetOS and perl. Lots of maintainance could be done this way. Even adding famous applications like Webmin, antispam tools, antivirus, etc.

I hope you fancy the idea.