#14 Why did you use the name meneame?


I'm Ricardo Galli, the original developer and
copyright owner of meneame code

You forked the meneame code at a very early time. You
didn't try to collaborate, in fact you didn't even
contact us. Then you changed the name to pligg.

That's OK, the license allows you and it's ethically
right. No problem, at all.

But now you are using "meneame" to name _your_
project in sourceforge, which is not meneame since
the very precise time you "forked" to pligg.

I just let you know that this is wrong. Completely
wrong. You are misleading to people and this can be
considered "name squatting".

Please, change the name of your project, or make very
clear _this is not_ the Meneame project.


  • Yankidank

    Yankidank - 2006-03-16

    Logged In: YES

    I emailed Mr. Galli about this thread. When we originally
    requested the page Meneame, we had no intentions on
    developing the code into what it has become today. We
    didn't even have a name for Pligg back then. Then we were
    assigned the url for meneame (which can't be changed) so now
    we're stuck with it. I'd be more than willing to hand over
    this project page to Ricardo though because we really don't
    have much use for it.


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