Hi John,

According to the memcached protocol (which you can find here: http://cvs.danga.com/browse.cgi/wcmtools/memcached/doc/protocol.txt?rev=HEAD )
every set command to the server goes like this:
set <key> <flags> <exptime> <bytes>\r\n

The byte[0] you're referring to is part of the <flags> portion of the command.  We use this portion to mark the type of data (if it's a simple data type such as bool, int, string, etc. or a serialized object graph) and whether or not it's compressed.  If it's a value type such as Int, Bool, etc. it's much faster and much more space efficient to store the bytes, rather than serialize the data with the .NET serialization stuff, and indicate it's just a simple type.  Most other memcached client APIs use the <flags> field in this way.

Does this help?  Do you have any specific concerns about this or are you just curious?

On 7/24/07, John. H < xiaocong.hust@gmail.com> wrote:
I am using your C# client for memcached.
And I have a quetion to ask you.
I found that at beging of every item value,you will add a such as 'byte[0] = BOOLMAKER'
Can you tell me what is this used for?

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Thanks a lot