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Meltdown BBS 1.0 beta released

The Meltdown BBS project has finally reached the Beta stage. The new release provides bugfixes, interface improvements, and an all-new Spanish language pack (thanks to Jose Arias).

Posted by Petko Bossakov 2004-05-01

Fixed problem with Meltdown BBS 1.0 alpha 4 package

Dang! It was just pointed out to me that install.php is missing from the archives of the new release. Anyway, that was just fixed - please redownload the file.

Posted by Petko Bossakov 2004-02-18

Meltdown BBS 1.0 alpha 4 released

The new release fixes some bugs (hopefully). The Fidonet-technology networking and maintenance functions are now combined in a single package named Meltdown BBS Utilities. The new release of Meltdown BBS Utilities is done entirely in Perl; binary releases have been discontinued.

Posted by Petko Bossakov 2004-02-11

Meltdown BBS 1.0 alpha 2 and Meltdown Tosser 1.0 alpha

The new releases provide some bugfixes, interface improvements, and finally - complete Fidonet functionality (i.e. Meltdown BBS can now be used in a fully working Fidonet node).
Meltdown Tosser is currently only available for Win32 platforms. Any help with porting the software to another OS will be appreciated.

Posted by Petko Bossakov 2003-10-23