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0.7.8 Configuration and connection API changes

The Melati properties file now called, not

Misconfiguration throws a RuntimeException not a CheckedExzception

Posted by Tim P 2007-09-06

0.7.7 POJO's persisted

There have been a few new features added:

1. Generated tables now include a ProjectTable
It is now easy to override methods on Table for your tables only.
I have found this useful already and hope to change the default behaviour so
the meta data tables are not written to the target db by default, but are
stored in hsqldb memory tables.

2. The archetype now enables iterative modelling
The dsd export app can be fed back into the dsd import, so one can use the
Admin system to incrementally model.
See read more

Posted by Tim P 2007-06-18

0.7.6 Melati/POEM separation

POEM is now separate from Melati.

Posted by Tim P 2007-06-18

0.7.5 MS Access supported

Support for MS Access databases added.
Improved support for HSQLDB.
JUnit tests retrofitted.
Maven 2 build system.

Posted by Tim P 2006-10-25

0.7.4 Oracle supported

Support for Oracle databases added, improved support fro MS SQL.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.7.3 Restructured source tree

Restructured source tree and fixed problem with reading templates from jars.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.7.2 Chinese support added

Support chinese characters, additional support for joins.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.7.1 BigDecimal added

Support for BigDecimal datatype added.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.7.0 Maven support

Site and code now managed by Maven.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.6.1 HSQLDB

Support for HSQLDB added.

Posted by Tim P 2005-01-10

0.6.0 MySQL support

The latest release supports MySQL, see
<a href=></a>.

Posted by Tim P 2002-04-19

Melati 0.54 is now available for download from http://melat

Version 0.54 introduces the following enhancements (check the release notes
for full details):

o - support for Webmacro 0.97. Previous versions of webmacro are no longer
o - support for Velocity 1.1

WebMacro 0.97

Cleaning up. We have removed all 'hacked' webmacro classes from Melati. If
you have any org.webmacro.* classes hanging arround, please ensure you
delete them.

FastWriter. FastWriter is now constructed with a Broker. So, you will need
to replace any construction (eg):
MelatiFastWriter(OutputStream output, String encoding) with
MelatiFastWriter(Broker broker, OutputStream output, String encoding)... read more

Posted by Tim P 2001-06-14

Melati 0.50 Released

Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database.
It provides the following features:

o - A generic database admin system, allowing the site manager to edit both
the contents and the structure of the database through a simple web based

o - An object layer where the database is seen as a collection of Java

o - and transparent cacheing of commonly used records, selections and
"computed objects", via a (genuinely!) easy-to-use transparent persistence
layer on top of JDBC.... read more

Posted by Tim Joyce 2000-11-24

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