#2 Randomquote


When I try to use the randomquote script I get a tcl error
(but only on a certain channel, the other channel has
basically no talking). The error is this -> Tcl error
[rq_pub]: list element in quotes followed by "?" instead
of space - I think the problem is just the way someone
happend to say something in the channel when they
used quotes or something. I think this is the line that is
causing it - which ironically was said by me :/ ->
[03:33] <Stylez> what is "area code 902"?
So I guess it is reading what is in the quotes as some
code and not a.. string(?) and it expects to see a space
after the " but it see's the ? and stop/aborts, and gives
the error.


  • Carlos Milán Figueredo

    Logged In: YES

    Looks like is serious bug that prevent to use the
    randomquote.tcl. I haven't found a similar script for my
    eggdrop... Time has passed but nobody seem to reply... there
    is not any workarround for the problem?

  • Gilbert van Griensven

    • assigned_to: nobody --> jules_74
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Gilbert van Griensven

    Logged In: YES

    The randomquote.tcl has been updated... the mentioned
    errors no longer appear... it's in the 1.6.0 sql version.


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