#336 Internal repairs not working


Since the last update (current version, MM 0.35.28) repairs of internal components, e.g. weapons are no longer working via auto-/bulk-repair. External armor is fixed and the unit is marked repaired (repair-options are no longer shown either), but the e.g. weapons that were damaged or destroyed are still destroyed and carry over as such to MegaMek.
Manually repairing the damaged slots and repairing ammo after still seems to work.


  • R.Karuschka

    R.Karuschka - 2012-02-22
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • R.Karuschka

    R.Karuschka - 2012-04-11

    Supplemental, so, after having had this around for a while we now got a somewhat better idea of what it is. The problem seems to occur with weapons or equipment that got actually destroyed, most often in the limbs, but it has also been seen in torsos. While damaged equipment is marked with an asterisk, destroyed equipment gets marked with an x. Is that the comprehensive issue? No, doesn't look like, because manually repairing the stuff doesn't alsways work either, though odds seem to be higher than with bulk repair. But overall, those slots that are hit by this are apparently not recognized as "damaged" by MW anymore, and correspondingly MW replies to a repair order: "That critical was not damaged?!"
    Once that happens you are pretty much out of luck.
    The unit will marked ok by MW once all other fixable slots have been repaired (and armor of course), leaving you stranded with no way to go back because the repair option isn't even given anymore. Annoyingly the unit comes at full BV from this point on in MW, while most of those crits carry over to MM in play (not all though, ironically e.g. critted cockpits don't).

    The logs aren't very forthcoming with information, sadly.

  • R.Karuschka

    R.Karuschka - 2012-04-11
    • priority: 7 --> 8

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