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Mark Sugarman C D Xbow

Welcome to MekArcade Development site.

Aim: The aim of the project is to reproduce the online, multiplayer destructive joy of Mechassault 1, using the Cube2 engine. After this we would like to extend the game play further, exploring some of the ideas in Mechassault 2, as well as a Pilot Career similar to the MW series.

Background: Mechassault is a Mech shooter and was a flagship release for the much lauded Xbox Live service. The online play was some of the best. Microsoft did not supported the game well, and the future of the game was always grim. Microsoft have not made it 'backward compatible' to run it on the 360. It is rumored that the only reason the original Xbox servers are ran for so long was to support Halo, when they closed, the game went. The follow up game, Mechassault 2 was generally disappointing but does run on the 360 so has some future. The Cube2 engine (see Sauerbraten http://sauerbraten.org ) is a well sorted out, open source, 3D, online, multiplayer, game engine that you can produce cross platform programs for Windows, Linux and the Mac. It uses OpenGL so the 360 is out, unless someone has ported OpenGL to the 360 recently. There are a number of games produced with it including some commercial ones. Perhaps the slickest of these is Red Eclipse(http://redeclipse.net).

Progress: For the intial part of the project we used the original Sauerbraten, which the intial versions of MekArcade could 'piggy back' on, this proved the expansion pack concept. We later tried Blood Frontier, and it offered lots of goodies that made 'mechifying' the game easier. This project died, then was resurrected as Red Eclipse which forms the code base of MekArcade; we proceeded to develop the project as an Expansion pack to Red Eclipse.. In late 2010 we commisioned 2 mech models from Walter, a 3D artist who who did the Blood ASP for MekTek. A 0.31 development release was produced for team members.

Status:The first few months of 2012 will see significant development of the code and move it closer to the original game, this will be released in May 2012, the first public release. This release won't feature multiple meks, but you will be able to loadout a single chassis with various selection of weapons. In the second half of the year we have planned a release supporting multiple meka.

CD Xbow
Feb 2012