#506 video and audio revap of features

The Hated

1. 8 bit vs.10bit.exe (selectable)
2. avisynth 32bit MT and 64bit MT(selectable) i know 64 bit avisnyth is only 2.5.8
3. Avisynth resizer, make blackmanresize in the list with the rest of them.
4. More common filters that are packaged with megui and can be called on via drop box and gives a intuitive auto popup description for each one.
5. as of the 2341 VBV buffer gets automatically changed to 300k automatically? at least for me.
6. workers show kbps being processed ~~
7. Being able to pause a worker!!!!!!! like how staxrip can do
8. Via avisynth make it easier to ad subtitles for hard coding, sup and srt
9. be bale to save avisynth scripts in a template, i mean like filters, resizer, resolution settings, fps ; all automatically be filled out based off the template except like the source and output and sub if called on. i think people who do a lot of converting would like this as well
10. dropdown box for 4:4:4,4:2:2,4:2:0
1. more advanced features for audio! (command lines would be a huge plus)
2. drop down boxes for 2 pass of audio like AAC
3. Fix OPUS being 6kbps when first opening the configuration for it
4. more options for output channels... not just mono, stereo, 5.1 or whatever the source was
5. Have DTS audio!!!!
MeGui features
1. Skinning.
2. like i said previously, 10 bit and 8 bit x264 selectable
3. decoding output file(advanced) like how staxrip demuxes everything into a temp folder, it would make seeing everything inside the container easier, basically the use of mkv cleaver and a good mp4 demuxer.
4. ability to add watermarks easier(options for it like blend aphla only, png jpeg,gif support)
5. experimental encode conversion hault, Doubtful but similar to the request above, the pausing feature, except for system reboots, if megui is forced closed then it can start up where it left off previously, basically a saving grace for blue screen stupid retarded system updates, install something in the background that forces a reboot.
6. scratch disk directory, i know theres one for muxing but one for temp files SSD hard drives specifically.
7. Queuing with audio and video, basically still having advanced options for users but having the audio and video muxed together in the end with like sub/chapter passthrough from the source
8. maybe just a complete 64 bit MeGui, everything is 64 bit, 32 bit is old and the majority of people that are encoding seem to have 64 bit OS's, i googled 64 bit megui and someone years ago made one, apparently everything was 64 bit didnt look at the channel log but it was a doom9 thread and people reported much faster encodes with filters and whatnot
Comment on what you think about these requests
- The Hated
http://thumperdc.com/forum/index.php im usually on chat there and so are others, discussion etc.


  • Kurtnoise

    Kurtnoise - 2013-04-15

    Did you read the current feature requests already ? Didn't seem so...

    Here are the no-go features :
    - skinning => for babies
    - 2pass audio encoding => requires wav output
    - all x64 tools => avisynth_x64 is buggy !!!!

    Here are the stupid features :
    - experimental encode conversion
    - scratch disk directory
    - more options for output channels
    - decoding output file(advanced) like how staxrip demuxes everything into a temp folder

    • The Hated

      The Hated - 2013-04-15

      ah because those are all terrible ideas..... at least to you, and no i didnt read them all, if theres such a demand for it all then why not implement some of them, 2 pass audio seems very high in demand, who cares if it has to go to wav, if staxrip can do it an have it sound better than yours or mediacoder x64 then why can't megui jump on the band wagon.. and more options for output channels? and being able to pause an encode or pick up all together doesn't seem to bad at all.. megui is terrible with selecting streams when theres more than one say audio or video stream... so you have to demux it anyway, staxrip does that right
      it almost sounds like you have a fear against any new features

  • Kurtnoise

    Kurtnoise - 2013-04-16

    Well...If you think that recreate the same thing in different GUIs its the must have, then youre completely wrong.

    Meanwhile, I listed only the bullshit requests. The rest is ok to me though...

    • The Hated

      The Hated - 2013-04-16

      not recreate... compile all the nice features from other software into one? wouldnt it be nice to have a full audio converter with multiple channel select, as of now try converting a 6 channel file into a 6 channel opus profile, it comes out 3 channel almost every time for some weird reason...
      but other gui have nice features which people prefer more than megui, if megui were to have these features there would be a bigger following of megui instead.. Megui is pretty much the best voerall program out there but why not make it even better?, it really seems like your against incorporating highly desired features and i frankly don't see why you would be, my last encode, had subtitles in it, after encode it hardcoded them, i never specified subs to be coded, but they were for some reason, with a demux it would be nice to select the actual media file and maybe even combine two together easier

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2013-04-16

    Thank you for your requests. To discuss specific requests it is better to create individual requests. For bugs (like the hardcoded thing, vbv and so on) please create dedictated bug reports including the log files.

    A few words about feature requests in general from my point of view. There are many feature requests mentioned in the tracker and by you which would be a great addition to MeGUI. So why are we (am I) not implementing those requests? Time and interest. Because of my limited time I implement more or less only things I need for my "work" with MeGUI or things which can be done easily. I am not implementing things to please anyone. If you want to push a specific feature please provide a patch for it.

    Last edit: Zathor 2013-04-16
    • The Hated

      The Hated - 2013-04-16

      thanks for the software, and i understand about the time and interest part. Just giving my requests, Kurtnoise kinda came off to me as insulting is all.


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