#776 DGDecodeNV No Licence

David Lind

I ticked the box to use DGDecodeNV and I copied my licence file into this folder then restarted MeGUI: MeGUI_2507_x86\tools\dgindexnv
However when starting the encode I get a popup saying invalid licence and the encode doesn't start. Any idea how to get DGDecodNV to work in MeGUI? I've attached the log as requested.

When NOT using DGDecodeNV, what program does MeGui use to index the files before encoding? Is it frame accurate? If so then I assume I won't need DGDecodeNV as both indexers do the same thing?

On another issue, I add a folder of files to encode and they all encode fine however once they've all been encoded, the program sometimes crashes. Any idea how to fix that? I can't seem to replicate the issue as it doesn't seem to be crashing anymore so I can't give you a log.

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  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-07-17

    Please do not mix up several problems in one ticket.

    The DGIndexNV license schema has changed. Please get a new license.

    All other available indexers are frame accurate (to my knowledge). Just avoid AviSource/DirecthowSource.

    Post the log.

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-07-17
    • labels: DGDecodeNV, DGIndexNV -->
    • status: open --> pending
    • assigned_to: Zathor --> nobody
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2015-04-04
    • status: pending --> closed-out-of-date

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