#769 In version 2500 don´t add Custom Auto-Update server - program freezes.


In version 2500 don´t add Custom Auto-Update server - program freezes.


  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-06-14
    • status: open --> pending
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-06-14

    Thanks - confirmed

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-06-20

    After digging deeper I will remove the "Custom Update Server" option completely from Release builds. In my opinion this feature does not make sense anymore. There are only two update servers available and they should be selected automatically (or disabled like currently with one of them). If there are more update server available which I am not aware of I will happily add them.

  • PredatorV

    PredatorV - 2014-06-20

    Is it possible to leave this function there? I alone know of several servers update my location (Czech Republic) (custom profiles, other avs plugins, etc.) ... This function is used a lot.
    Rather, I wonder why not program MeGUI in the 64-bit version? I wrote a query to the Feature Request ...

    Last edit: PredatorV 2014-06-20
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-06-20

    Can you give me an example link?

  • PredatorV

    PredatorV - 2014-06-21

    My example: http://avnavody.cz/megui/ :D
    On the server but can not be accessed directly - you must specify link in MeGUI.

    I apologize in advance for my English - it's not my language.

    I use it for my websites for video transfers.
    But I know a lot of them. I do have other addresses, but are more ...
    This function is used more than you think!

    If you decide to remove this feature, you cause small calamities.
    A lot of people simply will not be able to use programs that MeGUI has other - AVSPlus (new version 1689), custom profiles audio, x264, avs plugins (the update is trying to rewrite or add other - unintended), etc.

    But even if:
    In that case recommend to modify the word "DEVELOPMENT UPDATE SERVER".
    It is too big and intrusive.
    Eg. "Development" would be enough.
    Before the inscription MeGUI xxxx, it would look better (MeGUI 2500 Development).
    Small, simple, concise.

    Even so, intercede for leaving this function. There is no reason to delete it ...

    Last edit: PredatorV 2014-06-21
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-06-22

    Fixed in 2502

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2015-04-04
    • status: pending --> closed-fixed

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