#764 x264 RGB Input/Output Broken with MeGUI


Using --input--csp rgb and --output-csp rgb is broken with Megui, and i think it's indicated on the build itself.

Other format works, YV24 YV16 YV12.

It's been like this forever as far as i know, you need to use separate builds for it to work, and i think this should be Fixed.

Not sure how it's broken though, but you can probably figure that out as it's your application:)


Here is a Thread from before where i asked around about it, might be worth checking.



  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-05-18
    • status: open --> pending
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-05-18

    As I do not have a clue about RGB encodings please provide more details what must be changed. Also sample files and command lines/logs to reproduce it.

  • Radikal Den store

    Okay well, simply put, you need a file that's RGB.
    So simply use Avisynth ConverttoRGB() or ConverttoRGB24() (I am not sure if 32bit or 24bit or both should work however, i am guessing 24 bit).

    Now you will feed it into x264, and tell it --input-csp rgb , now it knows that the input file is in RGB format, and not the default YV12.

    And then you use --output-csp rgb to tell it to output RGB, simply put, lossless conversion in terms of colorspace.

    This should normally work without problem, but you may try, and you will see that it becomes quite a mess in the video (32bit and 24bit looks a bit different, but both are messed up).

    You can also use ConverttoYV24() and change rgb to i444 , that way you will use YV24 instead of RGB, just to see that it should work in other colorspaces except RGB.

    Check the thread i posted above, you will see an image showing how the video will look when it's messed up.

  • De-M-oN

    De-M-oN - 2015-05-15

    The pipeline (avs4x264.exe) supports only YV12, YV16 and YV24. No way to encode RGB through the pipeline.

    You can avoid the pipeline by using the 32bit encoder of x264. But it is slower then.
    Since avisynth is a 32bit application you need the pipeline to be able to use the 64bit x264 encoder.


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