#691 MeGUI 2237 Temporary worker processes full Queue


MeGUI 2237

When I run a Job in the Queue by Right-Mouse-Button -> "Run in new Temporary Worker", the processing does not stop, when the selected job is completed. The worker then continues to process all jobs in the queue.


  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2012-12-27

    Thanks for the feedback. The temp worker will be deleted after the job, but other idle workers will start after this job has been finished. I have changed that in:

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2012-12-27
    • status: open --> closed
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2012-12-27
    • status: closed --> pending
  • StephanB

    StephanB - 2012-12-28

    I think this is a more severe problem.

    I'm now using Version 2243. The problem with the Temporary Worker seems fixed so far, but I now also found out, that the global Abort-Button in the main window under the Queue list is also not working. When I click the Button, the processing of the current job is aborted, but instead of stopping the processing of the Queue, the processing continues with the next available job. Even using the Stop-Button does not help. In the WorkerSummary, the Worker gets marked as to be stopped after the job, but when I then press the Abort-Button, even this is ignored, the processing still continues with the next job. This even happens, when I click the stop-Button and then use the Abort-Button in the Worker progress window.

    This seems similar to the problem, when the job in Temporary worker was finished. Instead of stopping the processing, the next available job was started.

    Thanks for the fast help so far, I hope you find the problem.

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2012-12-30

    Please try 2253

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2013-02-10
    • status: pending --> closed-fixed

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