The Megatron Daemon / News: Recent posts

CVS Update!

As we anticipate the addition of yet another member to our development team, CVS has been brought fully up to date. The robot can be found in /megatrond-project/megatrond with the new configuration file all new classes. tantricengineer lets us know that the import functionality is ready for testing. So download the CLI ripper and check it out. (Note you will have to have a bootstrapped database set up! See the docs and packages for skeleton schemas)

Posted by Kevin Croker 2008-02-29

Significant Autorotation Upgrades

In order to make the robot most useful to others, many necessary changes have been implemented.

* All configuration options have been moved into an external conf file and many are settable at runtime through the internal command interface.

* External modules in the schedule can now register commands, for full extensibility.

* An example external module, implementing user song requests, has been implemented for reference.... read more

Posted by Kevin Croker 2008-01-20

New Documentation Available!

Documentation on how to write schedules for the autorotation system Megatrond (The Robot) has been released! Included is an sample production schedule with annotations. Also, an overview of how to setup the diskless kiosk system was released some weeks ago. Check them both out!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-12-27

Stackputer Kiosk Released!

The stackputer diskless kiosk scripts have been released along with a howto and sample configuration files. Word!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-12-14

First Package!

The robot has been packaged with a sample schedule and badass image (see screenshot). The paths are hardcoded so you'll never javac to change them, but we promise to move this into a configuration file very soon!!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-12-13

Significant Overhaul of Credit Tracker, Playlist Integration

The credit tracker has been significantly overhauled in presentation and flow and works much better. More significantly, it has been tied into the Playlist tracker, which via the new megatron2 socket interface keeps proper track of everything! We're putting the beta out in studio to test today, stay tuned!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-12-06

Complete Rewrite of Autorotation in Java

As the autorotation grew far beyond what we originally intended it to be, we ported it over to fully threaded Java (SE 6), abstracting the player (you can use whatever media player you want now, just implement 2 classes, see docs). Things are now controlled via sockets, it communicates with the database and properly logs things for the FCC, it really is a total makeover. Badass! Go check it out now!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-11-30

Credit Tracker Update

The credit tracker has been significantly upgraded, with improvements in functionality, and a cleaner, more consistent interface. Check it out!

Posted by KWUR Tech 2007-08-16

Diskless Kiosk Scripts Soon to Come

KWUR's Stackputer diskless kiosk system allows for maximum anonymity and savings, and minimizes downtime due to hardware failures. The shell scripts and configuration files to create your own stackputer system will soon be released. Documentation and instructions will soon follow.

Posted by KWUR Tech 2007-01-08

First CVS Commit!

The code for four components: the deamon, the remote broadcast backend, the playlist tracker, and the staff management system/scheduler has been imported into CVS!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-01-03

KWUR on Sourceforge

The staff of KWUR 90.3FM would like to thank and shout hi! to anyone else that might be looking. File releases in moments!

Posted by Kevin Croker 2007-01-03