#16 psa.php for Management of PSA and Community Announcements

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Unicron (15)

Write a psa.php similar in spirit to personnel.php for the PSA Director where he can import various audio files into the PSA and Community Annoucnement repository and asign to them expiration times for their automatic removal.


  • Shanks

    Shanks - 2007-12-04

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    As an added feature, DJ's should have a frontend to the announcement repo accessible from either the playlist tracker page or on a separate page so that they can play PSA's through their shows using the air studio computer. Similarly, station ID's can be accessible for those shy about reading them.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Currently, these things are all sorted by directory within the stax, so they can be found and easily played through the native player on the kiosk already.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    remember, the web front end runs server side, so how would the server instruct that specific kiosk to play? sure you could rig some sort of RPC, but thats way too complicated and very unnecessary.

  • Kevin Croker

    Kevin Croker - 2007-12-13
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  • Kevin Croker

    Kevin Croker - 2007-12-23
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