#24 Remote Broadcast Does not Log to Ptracker

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Either remote broadcast module needs to enter something into the ptracker logs OR DJs doing remote broadcasts must use the ptracker via SSH tunnel. Ptracker via SSH tunnel is a better idea. Keep proper bookkeeping, keep proper display on the website, and we wouldn't need seperate remote broadcast recording hooks.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    today we had the sports guys log into the ptracker via SSH tunnel to keep the live stats live. it worked well and the books were properly kept. it seems most logical to keep this arrangement as opposed to add more hooks.

  • Kevin Croker

    Kevin Croker - 2008-02-11

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    Great. What show did you do it under though? Like I said, there's already the anon show that is never scheduled, but always added to the schedule automatically. You will have to make a Remote Broadcast show that is never scheduled, but always added to the schedule automatically. Then you could log in with that. Just enter one song into the ptracker that is the information about the remote broadcast, and then all is dandy. If it was run through the ptracker, then theres going to be two autorecordings: one automatic via ptracker interface, one via remote interface. Make sure this is indeed the case, then go ahead and comment out the robot code for the autorecording in the remote broadcast. This is not a problem because through the remote broadcast interface through https lets you do a record only session through a different command set.

    We will have to rethink how we do all this though, esp how normal user access goes through the tunnel. Since we had to move the database to IP instead of just unix socket because of java, it opens up the db to anyone with normal access. This is no good. I'm also weary about opening up the internal unicron interface to https. This could be as simple as adding an IP check on ptracker and make sure it originates in house, but that can all be spoofed.



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