#1145 Feature request : MRM/LGR unofficial rules

stable 0.42

MRMs and light gauss rifles are generally regarded as pretty poor weapons. The former because they have a terrible short range bracket (0-3, same as SRMs) and the latter because they weigh almost as much as a gauss rifle but do roughly half the damage.

I suggest some simple unofficial rules be put added so that people may want to use these weapons more often.

MRMs : Change short range bracket to 0-5 hexes, giving them the same range brackets as other medium weapons such as large lasers and AC10s. This also allows more efficient use of c3 as they can spot at 5 hexes instead of 3.

Light gauss rifle : Change damage from 8 to 11. Not sufficient enough to headcap mechs, but large enough of a increase to make them more dangerous on the battlefield as opposed to a long range large laser.


  • Anonymous - 2014-01-25

    Light Gauss Rifles were already potent before, hitting much harder than LB-X AC/5s, and a bit more accurately, while still retaining low heat.
    Now they have the potential to deal 11damagex16ammo=176 potential damage, as opposed to 8x16=128...?

    • Anonymous - 2014-11-11

      Thats a problem with LB-X AC5s being underpowered in an anti-mech role, they appear to be specifically designed for long range AA with cluster shot.

      Light gauss rifles are 4 tons heavier than LBX-5s so they arent much better.

  • Nicholas Walczak

    • Group: stable 0.36 --> stable 0.40
  • Hammer

    Hammer - 2015-06-08
    • Group: stable 0.40 --> stable 0.42

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