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I have not worked on this in 3 years. I am officially abandoning this project.

Posted by Russell 2004-10-12

if you haven't noticed

If you haven't noticed, I've kinda given up on this because of the Linux-Progress kernel patch.

Posted by Russell 2001-02-23

MegaStat Release

MegaStat v1.0 Has been released!

Posted by Russell 2000-11-28


Well, I'm leaving for BSDCon today, so there will be no new development for the next week and a half. Hopefully, when I get back, I'll have MegaStat finished with graphics and all. Soon, I'm going to start working on my own linux distro for the SetTop Box which will include MegaStat. More on this later.

Posted by Russell 2000-10-13

Getting Started..

This is going to be an interesting project. I'm writing the software before I get the hardware because the software interests me very much. The SetTop Box that I'm going to use runs Cyrix Pentium-Class Processor at 233MHz. I may have to write a hardware driver for the IR port (hopefully not). All software related to this project will be posted here. I'm shooting for Linux because it's easier to build a stripped down version than FreeBSD. More information later

Posted by Russell 2000-10-12