#19 Linux Installation instructions

Liran Tal

I'd like to join the various requests here on installing this application on Linux .
A quick install guide would be much helpful for us to kicks-tart this application.

Another question - is the moodle software required to access this application?
Can it be used stand-alone? (meaning, no moodle software)


  • Monica Marrugo

    Monica Marrugo - 2009-08-27


    1. untar package meetingpoint-server in a directory (i.e /opt/meetingpoint-server)
    2. from console type cd /opt/meetingpoint-server
    3. from console tpe ./red5.sh

    you can run how Automatic service of you linux

  • Liran Tal

    Liran Tal - 2009-08-28

    Yes, I ran red5.sh, now what?
    Running netstat I can see several open ports by java. Isn't there some web-app I'm supposed to connect to over the web and interact with the browser?

  • Liran Tal

    Liran Tal - 2009-08-28

    Browsing to http://localhost:5080 I see the red5 test page.
    Clicking on the 'administration interface' link I get to: http://localhost:5080/admin which returns the error:
    HTTP ERROR: 404

    Powered by Jetty://

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Ahh, I've been able to sort it out by sniffing out the traffic via the demo site and putting back these required HTML pages and XML's to perform the same. So I now have a stand-alone system, without any need for the moodle system to host anything.

    Thanks anyway. Good job on the project.


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