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    For all those interested in downloading all possible files and documentation, development documents, etc., please send me an email to richiepiovanetti@healthcareinfopartners.com. I have a shared "Dropbox" folder. I can send you a link so you may download all the stuff related to this project.

    There are to many files and I'm sill trying to figure out how to transfer such a number of files to sourceforge.

  • Healthcare Informatics Partners

    Version "v4 2013-02-20d MR.LBS.zip" has the following sections fully completed and all accessible simultaneously on screen (i.e. "no-opening and closing windows", to go from one place to another in a program):

    1. Patient Register
    2. Patient Accounts Receivables
    3. Claims Creation and Editing
    4. Electronic Billing using X12N-4010A1 and/or X12N-5010A1, CMS-1500, CMS-1450, etc.
      • NOTE - A minor bug with MSPs is being fixed as of this writing; some EDI X12N files pass while some don't. We're working on it.

    This version still lacks:
    1. Scheduling


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