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GNU Health 1.6.3 released

Dear all

We are proud to announce the release of GNU Health 1.6.3, the Free Health and Hospital Information System. This version brings major improvements in the hospital information system, both from the administrative and patient management. Here is a quick summary of the main changes :

** New Features **

- Patient Nutrition management. Complex combinations that take into account therapeutics, pre-existing conditions, surgeries, lifestyles, vegetarianism and other belief-based diets.
- Inpatient medication medication and history log
- New nursing module
- Nursing roundings ( evaluations, procedures, medications ... )
- New user profiles (doctors, nurses, clerks, ...)
- New appointment reports
- Improved standard security profiles
- The translation project is now entirely done from Transifex, so the health center will install only the languages they need
- Revised and improved look and feel, from views to icons
- Many models datafiles ( medicaments, WHO essential meds, .. ) can be now modified from the client.
- Improve installation scripts and Archlinux support
- Improve search patient methods
- Bugfixes... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2012-08-28

GNU Health awarded Project for Social Benefit

The Free Software Foundation ceremony took place at the University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass) on Sunday March 25th, during the LibrePlanet 2012 conference. On the ceremony, there were two awards :

* Award for the Advancement of Free Software:Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby Programming Language. Congratulations Matz !

* Award for the Project of Social Benefit : GNU Health

As stated by the FSF, the Award for Projects of Social Benefit is presented to the project or team responsible for applying free software, or the ideas of the free software movement, in a project that intentionally and significantly benefits society in other aspects of life. This award stresses the use of free software in the service of humanity.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2012-04-20

GNU Health Academia at United Nations Univers

(The original post and pictures can be found here : )

I finally found some time to summarize GNU Health Academia at the United Nations University, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during the last week of June. The workshop was a success and I had a great time in KL !

The workshop was held at the International Institute of Global Health (IIGH), where I had the opportunity to train the United Nations team in GNU Health concepts, both from the functional and technical point of view. ... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2011-07-22

Medical goes Beta

I'm happy to announce that today we have released the beta version of Medical.

Medical is a free health and Hospital Information System. Our goal is to have a system that will be able to improve the lives of people, specially of the underprivileged. We focus on family and preventive medicine, using the latest industry standards.

Medical has been awarded Sourceforge PoTM, and has been nominated for project of the year.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2010-07-19

Medical 0.0.49 released

In this release we have optimized the navigation, allergy and basic reports. We have also included Panagiotis Kontaxis localization for Greece

For a detailed list of modifications, please check

Medical is a free Health and Hospital Information System, with the goal to provide a universal high quality e-Health environment, specially for countries and provinces with low resources.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2010-05-31

Medical 0.0.47 released

Hi all !

I'm happy to announce the release of the development version 0.0.47

This version includes the basic inpatient (hospitalization) and outpatient functionality.

We also have created the main objects that make up the hospital infrastructure (buildings, units, floors, wards, beds ... ).

Medical is a free Health and Hospital Information System, with the goal to provide a universal high quality e-Health environment, specially for countries and provinces with low resources.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2010-03-29

CIE-10 available on Medical

For the spanish speakers friends, we have the CIE-10 (spanish version of ICD-10) available since version 0.0.41 of Medical !

So, at this time, users can choose not only the login language (english, french, german, spanish, indonesian .. ) but also the whole WHO / OMS disease list and categories.

Luis Falcon

Posted by Luis Falcon 2009-09-20

Project Management through Trac

Hi there !
In order to centralize the project tasks, we have decided to use Trac for bugtracking, so the standard tracker won't be used for now.


Posted by Luis Falcon 2009-09-03

Medical 0.0.34 : It's about standards

Hello there

Medical version 0.0.34 has just been released.
The most important feature of this version is the addition of ICD-10-PCS.
The International Classification of Diseases tenth revision Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-PCS) will complement the already implemented ICD-10 coding for pathologies. This duple provides a very efficient way of coding for doctors and administrative personnel, making the data interchange between organizations very easy and with a common language, around the world.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2009-07-10

Medical is finalist in Sourceforge 2009 community awards

I'm very pleased to announce that Medical, the open source Health Information System, is finalist for Sourceforge 2009 Community Awards.

With over 47,000 nominations, the community has chosen 85 finalists in 12 categories. Medical is among the best 10 projects this year for government.

This is very exciting and rewarding. To be among the 10 best projects (sharing the space with projects like Open Office) shows the recognition from the community to humanitarian projects like Medical, and positions open source in health sector, an area limited to proprietary vendors until now.... read more

Posted by Luis Falcon 2009-06-24

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