glitches in SFX (minor)

  • Steven Robertson

    Hey Ingo and everybody else,

    The only two glitches, as they are not nearly potent enough to warrant the despicable term "bugs" <shudder>, are on the log screen.  If you attempt to specify "append" with a new filename (e.g. append to a nonexistent file) it trips up the installer.  Also, you must enter a filename to bring up the common control "open file" dialog box.

    Otherwise, it works as planned.

    Thanks for all the hard work!


    Running on a Windows ME system with a major honking wad of ram and a decent processor.

    • Steven Robertson

      SOrry for my idiocy.  I'll try to post to the RIGHT place from now on (or at least post in both the bug tracker and here).  I'll leave this one on the devlist until I get some info on what to do in the future with these kinds of non-release bugs.


    • Anonymous - 2001-09-21

      Hi Steven,

      the best is to use the mailinglist instead of this forum. The reason is that one can respond simply by replying a message instead of logging in here and using the HTML form. I've now configured this forum to send all messages to the mailing list ( So the best idea is to subscribe to the mailing list and use that instead of the forum.

      What do you mean with "trips up the installer". I can't reproduce the problem. Can you please tell me what exactly you specified on the log wizard page. (I assume you meant the log page in the sfx wizard).




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