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0.12.1 - Hotfix Release

Well, that was really a bad timing... A week after the 0.12.0 release YouTube changed their pages and our new feature, that allows to play YT videos on UPnP devices did not work anymore.

So here is the updated version that enables this feature.

There are also a few minor fixes (see changelog), but nothing really exciting.

The next version will focus on the patches that are submitted in the tracker, I'd expect it within a month or so, let's see... :)

Posted by Jin 2010-04-07

MediaTomb 0.12.0 released

Over a year behind schedule, but better late than never - 0.12.0 is finally released.

We had to take out a couple of features that are present in SVN, namely Weborama and Apple Trailers - both did not work correctly anymore due to sudden changes on the remote side. Nevertheless, there's plenty of new stuff available and there is still more to come.

Let's see when we will have the next one ready...

Posted by Jin 2010-03-25

MediaTomb 0.11.0 Transcoding Release

As always – it’s been way too long since the last release, but finally it is out. A new version with numerous fixes and the "main event" feature – transcoding.

We decided to implement transcoding via external processes, meaning that you can use any application to convert the data. You have the choice if you want to use vlc, ffmpeg, mencoder or anything else – it’s really up to you. It’s so flexible, that you can even setup transcoding profiles to listen to your text files using a text 2 speech application, stream content that is available via mms or rtsp even if your player does not support it, or plug in a script that will create thumbnails for your movies and more. We provide some examples, but you will probably have to finetune the transcoding options to achieve best results with your player.... read more

Posted by Jin 2008-03-02

MediaTomb 0.10.0 released

First, we have a surprise feature for you – inotify based autoscan support. Here is the story:
we were contacted by Iomega, they told us that they plan to use MediaTomb on their NAS devices and asked for a feature – they wanted to have inotify autoscan support and they offered us some sponsorship for implementing it. So say thank you to Iomega and enjoy this new cool feature!

Next, we finally added playlist support. Quite some users have been pestering us about that for a long time and they did so with success :) Playlists are implemented via scripting, so you need to have a working SpiderMonkey js library to use this feature. As always, we tried to make it very flexible and configurable: you can write your own playlist parsers in JavaScript, you should be able to parse any ASCII based playlist format. M3U and PLS formats are implemented in the default distribution, read the scripting documentation to find out how to add parsing for even more formats.... read more

Posted by Leo 2007-07-12

Introducing Playstation 3 support - MediaTomb 0.9.1 released

Actually this release was not planned, it just happened :)

After Sony released the Playstation 3 firmware with UPnP functionality our forums got really crowded – lots of people wanted to use it with an opensource UPnP server, but none worked. What followed was a perfect example on the advantages of opensource development: knowing that we do not have a PS3, users offered their help in debugging and testing, and together we were able to quickly find a solution to the compatibility problems.... read more

Posted by Jin 2007-05-28

MediaTomb 0.9.0 is released!

It’s done!

Currently only a source tar.gz and Fedora Core 5 and 6 rpms are available, binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu will follow shortly. A BSD port will also be submitted soon and we will try to provide a Mac OS X package and possibly a Cygwin win32 binary as well.

In addition you can expect package updates for embedded distributions like Ångström, OpenSlug and Optware.

We appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you run into any issues.

Posted by Jin 2007-03-28

MediaTomb 0.9.0 prerelease finally available

Very long time has passed since the last release, but the project was never dead. A change in the developer team, a major code rewrite, several release delays, tons of improvements and new features - but finally here we are.

After over a year of silence we bring you the 0.9.0 prerelease. The feature list is huge, almost all aspects have been improved, lots of systems and architectures are now supported.... read more

Posted by Jin 2007-02-26

MediaTomb sources moved to SF SVN

The year is about to end and there is still no release. However, this time we have something for you! We decided to move our sources to SourceForge SVN, this is working code and actually we are almost feature complete for the upcoming release. There are some minor bugs and glitches in the web UI, help and documentation are missing, a lot of testing still needs to be done - but apart from that everything should be fully usable.... read more

Posted by Jin 2006-12-27

MediaTomb 0.8.1-patched version added

We are still working on 0.9.0 which we will try to release before August, nevertheless I decided to upload a 0.8.1-patched version to fix compilation problems on some systems.

Basically it is the 0.8.1 release with the applied 0.8.1_fc5 patch which is already on our page.

Posted by Jin 2006-06-26

Fedora Core 5 rpm's now available

Today I updated the rpm packages for FC5, we had some things in the code that the new gcc did not like, so a small patch was necessary.

I wish I would be uploading the new release, but it is still not finished.
We're working on it :)

Posted by Jin 2006-03-28

libupnp for DSM320 released

Today we released a special libupnp version that fixes the AVI playback problem on the D-Link DSM-320. You can either grab the rpm's or just download the patch.

We also added a patch to solve a compilation problem on FC4.

Special thanks go to our DSM320 users in the forums for their support, debugging and testing!

Posted by Jin 2005-11-07

MediaTomb 0.8.1 released

It took quite some time, but we finally got everything together.

Apart from MySQL support the focus of this release was metadata extraction. We now support exif metadata parsing and exif thumbnail extraction from images, we get more information out of mp3 files and have a more flexible configure script which allows to choose between several metadata extraction libraries. Although turned off by default (because of performance issues), you can compile MediaTomb with libextractor support, enabling metadata extraction from various kinds of files, including MPEG, QT, ASF, RIFF(AVI), etc.... read more

Posted by Jin 2005-09-07

Reporting first MediaTomb Win32 (Cygwin) build success

After spending 24 hours we have a first working Win32 (Cygwin) version of MediaTomb! Of course more work needs to be done before we can do a release.

Once 0.8.1 for Linux is finalized we will follow up with a Win32 release which appears not to be too complicated.

Posted by Jin 2005-08-03

MediaTomb 0.8.0 is now released

It's been quite a fight, but 0.8.0 is finally out. There are many new features, various fixes, some improvements, the documentation has grown by a factor. A lot of things still need finetuning, a lot of things are still missing, so you can expect quite a number of 0.8.x releases.

We will not list all the features here, take a look at the documentation and at the ChangeLog. The TODO has also grown, so you may want to check it out when you think "Why is this feature missing?" - it may already be on our list.

Posted by Jin 2005-06-15

Preparing the 0.8 release

Time for a small update regarding the status of the upcoming release.

Currently we finished implementation of the planned features and are taking care of all the minor details.

The main "big" features of the 0.8 release are ID3 tag support and the so called "virtual containers". This feature allows you to create a nice structure of the content, sorting the media by type, title, ID3 information, etc.... read more

Posted by Jin 2005-05-26

MediaTomb 0.7.1 now released

Today we released MediaTomb version 0.7.1, solving the DSM-320 lockup issue. Please test it and report if there are any further problems.

The fix was achieved by adding mimetype to upnp:class mappings (see documentatoin and take a look at the config.xml for more details).

Further, we decided to provide RPMs for the UPnP SDK (their project page is at ). The reason for this is quite simple: it is not so easy to set up from the tar.gz because it does not use the default configure system, and it requires special options before compiling. Those are needed to ensure optimal performance of the internal webserver when multiple requests are coming in. ... read more

Posted by Jin 2005-04-17

Preparing a fix for the DSM-320 problem

I investigated the problem report related to the DSM-320 (see forums) and I now know what causes the unit to crash.

I can't say that it is really a bug on our side, but we can offer a workaround without being forced to put in some ugly hack. Bascially, the DSM-320 likes only very specific upnp:class values which we do not yet support. According to the UPnP spec this implementation is optional, so it was not a priority for the first release. However, since we now discovered that it is a blocker for the DSM-320 users we will put it on top of our list and try to bring you an update as soon as possible.

Posted by Jin 2005-04-15

First release

Hi there, it took quite a while but finally we have something here.

The first release is a working versoin, but offers only very basic functionality. We do have some nice features on our todo list, so there is definetely more to come.

Please take a look at what we have, your feedback is always welcome!

Posted by Jin 2005-04-14