Introducing Playstation 3 support - MediaTomb 0.9.1 released

Actually this release was not planned, it just happened :)

After Sony released the Playstation 3 firmware with UPnP functionality our forums got really crowded – lots of people wanted to use it with an opensource UPnP server, but none worked. What followed was a perfect example on the advantages of opensource development: knowing that we do not have a PS3, users offered their help in debugging and testing, and together we were able to quickly find a solution to the compatibility problems.

So a big THANKS goes out to all of you, in return you get a new release that now also supports streaming of MP3 and MPEG4 files to your PS3.

P.S. You need to enable PS3 support in configuratoin, see for instructions.

Posted by Jin 2013-05-30

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