MediaTomb 0.9.0 prerelease finally available

Very long time has passed since the last release, but the project was never dead. A change in the developer team, a major code rewrite, several release delays, tons of improvements and new features - but finally here we are.

After over a year of silence we bring you the 0.9.0 prerelease. The feature list is huge, almost all aspects have been improved, lots of systems and architectures are now supported.

You should be able to compile MediaTomb for Linux, FreeBSD (at least 5.x), Mac OS X, Cygwin, Solaris. A range of embedded distributions like OpenSlug or Optware are also supported.

Please test this prerelease and report any issues that you encounter, visit our website for documentation and our IRC channel (, #mediatomb) for realtime support.


Posted by Jin 2013-05-30

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