MediaTomb 0.8.1 released

It took quite some time, but we finally got everything together.

Apart from MySQL support the focus of this release was metadata extraction. We now support exif metadata parsing and exif thumbnail extraction from images, we get more information out of mp3 files and have a more flexible configure script which allows to choose between several metadata extraction libraries. Although turned off by default (because of performance issues), you can compile MediaTomb with libextractor support, enabling metadata extraction from various kinds of files, including MPEG, QT, ASF, RIFF(AVI), etc.

In addition we added a nice little feature for Streamium users: you can now load java applets from MediaTomb in PC-Link mode.

Last but not least, a call to everyone who is using MediaTomb:
PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK! We hardly received any information from you regarding the 0.8.0 release - this either means that everything worked just fine, but it could also mean that you ran into problems installing or using the software and threw it away after the first tryout. Please help us to improve MediaTomb by pointing out the issues you encountered, by submitting feature requests and bug reports. Tell us about the problems and difficulties that arose during the installation and use.

Either drop us a mail or use our project forums at SourceForge.

Thanks and enjoy the new release :>

Posted by Jin 2005-09-07

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