#9 Improvements to autoscan directory config


I would like to be able to use the user interface to get a list of all the autoscan directories. I would also like to be able to delete them, change them, or force an immediate rescan.

I would also like to configure what type of media (video, audio, photo, or multiple) is in each autoscan directory. I would like to use this to ignore files that I don't care about, such as the album art jpg files that sometimes end up in the audio directories (thanks to Windows Media Player), or the AVI movies from my digital camera that end up in the photo directories.


  • Jin

    Jin - 2007-05-03
    • labels: 883060 --> Media Import/Metadata Handling
  • Jin

    Jin - 2007-05-03

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    Getting a list of autoscan directories and ability to delete/change settings is planned; actually some work on this feature has already been done, we just did not have the time to finish it for the 0.9.0 release; so this is something you can expect soon.

    As for the second point: this is surely an interesting suggestion. I like the idea so we will give it a thought and hopefully implement it in one of the upcoming releases.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Could I also register my interest in the second suggestion - I have exactly the same problem with regards album art ending up on my digital photo frame, because I use mediatomb to share both pics (from one autoscan directory) and music (from another). Perhaps an optional filter subelement for each of the autoscan elements in the config, that would enable either specific mime-types or file extensions to be included/excluded for that particular directory?


  • Markus

    Markus - 2009-12-26

    Very good issue, I support it. In addition I would like to have one global rescan button, where I can do a complete rescan, means that the database is built up from zero, e.g. when having changed import scripts.


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