#59 Overlay GPS map over each photo optionally


If a photo contains GPS coordinates in the EXIF data, then there is the option that MT returns the photo but with a google map added to the right top area. I view an image I made while on vacation, because the GPS overlay is turned on, MT will read the jpeg from disk, stitch a google maps image with a crosshair at the GPS coordinate the image was taken. This overlay is at max 640x640 pixel big but never bigger than 20% of the image width. So on the PS3, as I am viewing a 1920x1080 image, the map overlay will be 380 pixel. MT will then return the generated image, not the original one.
As a second complication, we should not simply retrieve one map per photo, there should be some cleverness to the zoom ratio. If I have just one picture from Paris, actually from all of France, the overlay map will use a low scale, e.g. France as a whole. If I have 5000 images made at home, a very detailed map should be shown and all images use the same map tile so we have to request it from google just once but different crosshair positions, once inside the house, once on the street 10m away.


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