#58 GPS browsing via google maps


Today geotagging becomes more popular either by manually adding the picture location or synchronizing the images with a GPS track or because the camera itself has GPS coordinates already. What we lack currently is a neat way to browse through the pictures, e.g. you select a rectangle in a satellite map and say "show me all pictures made in that area". The only way you can do that today is via uploading the images to flickr, but that's not useful for thousands of photos, many private and to be viewed on my upnp client.
Now imagine MT would have an additional navigation node called Geo-Browsing. When you open that node you will see one image of the earth where each image with a GPS coordinate is overlayed as a circle with some transparency. As a result, the more images are in one area, the bigger the circle is, the less transparent, the more visible it is. So all pictures made at home will show as a bright white spot in that map.
In addition to that one image there are several folders, one per next zoom level. If you open one of these folders, again, one image is shown with the map and folders for the sub-areas. This way you zoom deeper and deeper until one zoom level contains just 50 images or it is detailed enough, then the map image is shown along with the photos.
Generating the maps is actually a piece of cake. All you have to do is requesting it from google: http://maps.google.com/staticmap?center=43.714728,7.998672&zoom=3&size=640x640&maptype=hybrid&key=MAPS_API_KEY
Then we take that retrieved image and paint the circles in it.
This feature has to work with thousands of geotagged photos! So some intelligence has to be applied when photos are added or removed from the database.


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