ID3 : obj.meta versus obj.aux

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-21


    It's about the MP4/MP3 ID3 tags (NOT the movie tags)

    i would like to know the corresponding between some of the official ID3 tags v2.3 and the obj.meta the javascript import.js do get.

    1) Are the M_* objects related to Movies only, or are they feeded by both songs and movies ?

    2) here is the table, can you help me to complete it ?
    I got my infos from and
    So far here is what I understand :

    // obj.meta: obj.aux:
    // M_ARTIST TPE1 - Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)
    // M_ALBUM TALB - Album/Movie/Show title
    // N/A TPOS - Part of a set
    // M_TRACKNUMBER TRCK - Track number/Position in set
    // M_TITLE TIT2 - Title/songname/content description
    // M_DATE TYER - Year
    // M_GENRE TCON - Content type (Genre)

    // M_REGION
    // M_AUTHOR
    // M_RATING POPM ?
    // M_ACTOR
    // M_MAX

    // ? APIC - Attached picture (Album Art)
    // N/A TPE2 - Band/orchestra/accompaniment = "Album Artist" (iTunes
    // ? APIC - Attached picture (Album Art)
    // ? TPE3 - Conductor/performer refinement
    // ? TCOM - Composer


  • Jin

    Jin - 2013-01-21


    the M_* things are not related to any type of content, the M_ stands for "metadata" in UPnP terms, so those are tags that are generally supported in the UPnP protocol. Note, that not all tags are supported for all media formats, UPnP spec defines that.

    "Aux" or auxilary tags is our invention, the idea here is to allow to gather any information from media, regardless of the UPnP standard. This information can then be used in an import script in order to organize the layout, however the aux metadata is never sent out to UPnP devices.

    That's the main difference, I guess.

    Kind regards,

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-22

    thanks for this help

    However, maybe I wasn't clear in my thoughts.

    what I need to know is : what do feed these M_* variables ans which ID3 tag correspond to each M_* (the lines with the "?")

    when i scan MP3 files, these variables are feeded with the ID3 tags from the files, so there is a library that read those tags, then feed the M_* variables. I suspect

    SO, libtag -> get ID3 from MP3 -> mediatomb -> feed the M_* variables

    I need to know for the lines with "?", for each M_ variable, from which MP3 ID3 tag the content comes from. Especially M_DESCRIPTION  which is used in the addAudio(obj) function.
    Maybe it's missnamed, coz I don't see what the "desciption" tag from an MP3 would have to do with a DLNA listing…

    My first goal is to handle the albumArtist variable as on iTunes, which is the ID3 TPE2 (that I can get with obj.aux).
    I was just curious about where the content from the M_ variables came from and how to officially present it as a table, for javascript developpers…


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