Rainer M. Krug - 2013-12-19


I just relized that I posted to the open discussion forum anf m=not to the help forum - sorry. Here I go in the right forum:

As mentioned in the import.js file, I uncommented the lines and commented the following line out:

// uncomment this if you want to have track numbers in front of the title
// in album view

// begin
var track = obj.meta[M_TRACKNUMBER];
if (!track)
track = '';
if (track.length == 1)
track = '0' + track;
track = track + ' ';
// end
// comment the following line out if you uncomment the stuff above :)
// var track = '';

Then I removed all Audio tracks and restarted Mediatomb, but no tracks are added - I even added track='TEST'; in the if statement to see if they are in the tags, but still no "TEST" or track number in front of the track name (checked in Freebox Revolutoion player and in three different iPod player).

Am I missing something here? What is it?