Play music on a different device than browser

  • greg

    greg - 2012-07-11

    I would like to browse my music with the browser from my laptop, but the stream should be played by a a device which is connected to the stereo. The laptop itself is not connected to the stereo but to the WiFi.

    On My Debian Server I have mediatomb installed and can browse the database with my laptop.
    When I click on the song it is played on the laptop unfortunatly. How can I redirect this to another device?

    Since I don not have a dedicated streaming device connected to the stereo yet, which one is recommened for that task?

  • BT

    BT - 2012-07-18

    The web interface is only for managing your database, not listening/viewing content. You need a UPnP renderer to do that. There are many UPnP capable devices. I personally use MediaTomb with my TV and PS3.


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