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  • Randolph

    Randolph - 2010-12-07

    I spent several days searching for clues on this and it’s not an easy search due to the keywords being so common. What I’m trying to do is simply queue up a list of videos to play automatically one after the other, like a playlist.  However, I cannot get this receiver to do it, so I suspect either my MT is not creating the proper playlist virtual containers, or the Receiver just doesn’t know how to handle playlists objects created by MT.

    Here’s my architecture: MT compiled with js & js set as layout, serving a HR21-200 DirecTV receiver. Video and music play fine (one at a time). Obviously I’ve enable JS support so that MT will parse M3U playlist files (and it does), however from the receiver menu, when I go to the “Playlist” virtual folder select a playlist title and press ‘play’ on my remote it only plays the 1st video in the playlist. I can also “open” the playlist and ‘play’ any video within it – but again, it doesn’t automatically continue to the next.

    I should also mention from the receiver menu if I go to the “PC Directory” folder which is also visible, browser down to the directory containing the M3U files, the receiver offers additional virtual folders called “Play All” & “Randomize”, however trying to select either of these results in a “not able to find file” – also noted is a “0” as in time next to the M3U file. I don’t feel it is proper to play content directly from the “PC Directory” folder – but just thought I’d mention it anyway.

    I have placed video files in the same dir as the playlist and used relative paths (used VLC to “generate” the M3U file, then used a text editor to modify the paths to relative). Being that the 1st video plays I’d say I got the paths correct. And seeing that all the videos within the M3U file show up also in the “Videos” virtual folder indicates that MT is parsing the M3U files correctly.

    So, the big question is, why doesn’t this HR21-200 handle the “Playlist” virtual folders properly? Is there a hack that is needed in the playlist js import script, or in the MT config? Is it that M3U has been for audio-only traditionally, and should I switch to an alternate playlist file? Finally, has ANYONE actually had success playing videos (not mp3’s) automatically (one after the other) on this type of receiver, or any receiver for that matter (PS3, etc…)? If so, do you just navigate to the “Playlist” virtual container and simply “play” the playlist name? Or do the controls allow you to highlight/select a group of titles within the playlist? So far I’ve not been able to find a way to multi-select several videos and play as a sequential group. Please HELP - anyone. Can it be done – has it been done??

  • Randolph

    Randolph - 2010-12-08

    Looking back at my previous post here, I see it's rather long-winded… So, in short, does anyone know if the HR21-200 renderer just plain sucks, thus it's interface menus just aren't robust enough to work with video Playlist containers?

    Somehow I need to delineate if the fault is either the server's configuration or client's abilities. One idea would be to download a virtual renderer for one of my PC's, or "borrow" a PS3 to see if the Playlist object works on those clients. If so, then I'll know the DirecTV reciever just sucks when it comes to video playlist support. Anyone?


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