InstigatorX - 2011-08-26

Is it possible to have MT transcode based on the audio track of a video file?

e.g. I have a ton of movies encoded in H264 in .M4V. All of the movies have AC3 and AAC audio tracks. However, some have AAC first and other AC3 first. I'd like to have MT transcode with one set of options when AC3 is first and another when AAC is the first track.

Serviio has the ability to match based on mimetype + audio codec + video codec. I'm hoping MT has some method to do so.

Alternatively, a method to detect a particular audio track type and then pass that as an argument to the transcode profile would work. e.g. regardless of AC-3 track location, I would use that. ffmpeg -map (0:1 vs 0:2) option would need to change accordingly.