Mediatomb stops when Telnet session ends

  • foxy6800

    foxy6800 - 2012-01-05


    I installed mediatomb on my buffalo linkstation live (LS-CHL V2) Firmware "154-mod1"
    I can start the server and by going into the directory and typing ./ start
    some lines come up and get stock on http://ipaddress:50000
    after this I can't do any thing in telnet ( Ctrl+C bring back command line but also stops mediatomb). If I live the telnet session in this stage, I can use http://ipaddress:50000 to open web interface and select files…..
    As soon as I close the Telnet session, mediatomb stops as well

    Can someone help please. I have not modified any of the files yet ( i.e confix.xml)


  • p500x

    p500x - 2012-01-05

    Try to send the mediatomb process in the background, like ./ &
    and search for "Run a program as a background process with "&"
    Hope it helps

  • foxy6800

    foxy6800 - 2012-01-05

    Tried that and no luck

  • p500x

    p500x - 2012-01-06

    The other way is the program screen, hope you got it.
    screen is a window manager and provides means to run interactive applications,
    like mediatomb in the background. Google for GNU screen.
    screen -S mediatomb /path to your file/
    screen -ls
    That's the two ways I know.
    Good Luck


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