Podcast support?

  • Martin Giese

    Martin Giese - 2011-08-11

    Would it be possible to add support for Video or Audio Podcasts imported via the URL of an RSS or Atom feed?

    I have seen the solution of using a separate program to download the audio or video files, and then serve them with mediatomb.  But shouldn't it be possible for MediaTomb to forward the media URL from the feed to the media player so the player can stream directly from the original server?

  • Christian Weiske

    I made a script which fetches an RSS feed, converts it to an .m3u file which in turn is scanned and added by Mediatomb to the "Playlists" folder.

    The script writes the MP3/OGG URL in the feed into the .m3u file, and Mediatomb adds it as external link. Thus the radios/clients directly stream from the web site.

    See http://git.cweiske.de/podcast-m3u.git/


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