Mediatomb setup on Ubuntu 11.04 server instal

  • KhanM

    KhanM - 2011-11-23

    Hello everyone,
    I have set up a mediatomb server on my server install.  I added a whole directory recursively and changed the permissions on the whole directory to 777.  When I use my n900 to play the files however, it only detects the server but not the files.  The server that I have setup on my work laptop does work fine with my n900 so I know the issue is with the mediatomb configuration on my server.  I would like some help to figure out how to fix this.  Thanks in advance.

  • KhanM

    KhanM - 2011-12-12

    After a few unsuccessful tries at solutions I was able to fix this by adding:


    (with wlan0 being the wireless interface I am using to connect to my router )to my mediatomb configuration in the /home/user/.mediatomb/config.xml file.  It turns out that mediatomb was using my loopback interface (lo) to set an IP instead of the wireless interface.  Going to add my solution here for future reference for others.  Cheers.

  • KhanM

    KhanM - 2011-12-12

    edit: mistake in the previous post


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